Here is our family of MAGAM woven labels. All the products we offer are made using weaving techniques which, with the professional knowledge and experience of our specialists and the great potential of modern machinery, provide labels of various qualities with diversified weaving structures and applications.


MAGAM is the largest Polish manufacturer of curtain tapes. We offer over 90 types of tape made of the best polyester yarns and with all kinds of creasing options. With our  modern machinery, the know-how of our specialists and our rich designs which follow the latest trends in window decoration, MAGAM products meet all the requirements of our customers in Poland and abroad.



Printed labels are the most often used form of textile labels with composition and care instructions. They are produced with a popular technique called thermal transfer printing.
Thermal transfer printing makes it possible to produce a very small series of imprints with multiple variables, such as: the product’s size, index, textile composition, care instructions, barcode or serial number.

Jacquard tapes are available in all quality types, as with woven labels.
Decorative tapes made by needle loom machines are best suited for simple designs or single-colour designs and non-typical usage. These tapes are used as decorations, supporting elements, or unusual finishing elements and sweat inserts.
WASHPAPA is a durable, flexible paper, which is perfect for sewing. A wide range of fashionable colours and striking finishings cause that the material, combined with the engraving technique, is an attractive alternative for popular eco-leathers. .


Eco leather is the imitation of a natural material. For the production of inserts, we use a raw material from reputable manufacturers. Our constantly expanded range of materials covers the most fashionable colours. Thanks to the properties of eco leather and the use of laser, we are able to engrave surfaces and cut out any shapes.










NEW | Eco labels | EcoLine

Out of concern for the natural environment, the Magam has committed to a range of eco-friendly undertakings, one of which is new EcoLine line of labels. We present you our new product: recycled labels. The woven labels are made of 100% PET bottles, which are delicate and environmentally friendly.


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