Our story

Magam is a Polish, private company operating on the market since 1975. The company’s registered office is located in Łódź at 6 Sierpnia 58/60 Street, in a historical factory building, where weaving traditions are combined with modern machinery and professional and friendly service of our team.

We specialize in the production of woven, printed and engraved labels as well as curtain and curtain tapes. We are leaders in both of these areas.

We perfectly know the specifics of the textile industry. We never forget that we owe our success to our customers.

Our team consists of people with high qualifications and extensive experience, full of invention and commitment to the company’s operations. By working with us, you can count on a fast, professional and friendly service of specialists who will advise you on optimal solutions.

The products we offer at an attractive price meet the highest global standards. We carry out orders with the possibility of delivery to a place designated by you in Poland and abroad.

Our goals and values

We exist to co-create a world woven of beauty and quality, so that our often unnoticed products become an important part of the reality that surrounds us, starting from a simple information label, through decorative emblems, and ending with curtain tape. We improve the quality of our customers’ products thanks to our woven fabrics and curtain tapes.

We strive to make our products present in every home, in every window, in every clothing in Poland. We are successively expanding our activities also on foreign markets so that the MAGAM brand becomes recognizable also outside the country.


Our mission is based on three pillars:

  • Individual consulting
  • Compatibility
  • Security

The foundation of our existence are shared and cherished values ​​that constitute a compass when making every, even the smallest, decision

These values ​​are:

COMFORT – we care about the well-being of customers for whom we create and employees, thanks to whom we create

EFFECTIVE ACTION – we take matters into our own hands and achieve the set goals

KNOWLEDGE, CURIOSITY AND DEVELOPMENT – we want to expand our competences, find the best solutions, share our knowledge and experience

RESPECT AND HONESTY – we focus on openness, transparency, authenticity and acceptance of diversity

COMMITMENT – we give our best anytime, anywhere

PARTNERSHIP – we value loyalty and cooperation based on clear rules and common values

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