Lodz – The textile capital of Poland
in the heart of the country.

The MAGAM company is the largest producer of curtain tapes in Poland. Our offer includes over 100 types of tapes with various types of gathering, made of the best certified polyester yarns. We produce white bistor tapes, partially or fully transparent tapes from monofilament yarn with various types of string.

Division of curtain tapes

Curtain tapes are divided into several groups.

The first division – according to the type of fabric: white, transparent tape with a white string, transparent with a white braid with a white string, transparent with a transparent string.

The second division – due to the type of gathering: dragon, pencil, pleats (1,2,3,4), “V” tapes, waves – waves, stiffening tapes, tapes for threading on the curtain rod and roller blind tapes.

The third division – due to the width: Narrow tapes: 2-5cm; Wide tapes: 6-10cm.

The fourth division – due to the percentage of wrinkling: 1:1.5; 1:1.7; 1:2; 1:3; etc. (example: to get 1m of a ready-made curtain gathered in a 1:2 ratio, we need 2m of fabric).

Good to know

  • Who’s stronger? There is a belief that white (bistor) tapes are the strongest and most durable, which is not true, because after prolonged use and frequent washing, it can soften. It is the line that is definitely more durable and stronger material and does not change its structure even after many washing cycles.
  • How to choose the right tape width? Narrow tapes – 2cm-4cm we suggest to use for light, short curtains or the so-called “envy”; 5 cm tape is considered a universal width tape and can be used both for curtains and lighter curtains; We recommend wider tapes: 7cm – 15cm for decoration in higher rooms, for heavy curtains and recently very fashionable blackouts.
  • How to sew the tape correctly? The rule is simple: tapes up to 5cm wide can be sewn with two stitches – up/down, it will be enough, while tapes wider: 7-15cm with at least 3 strings or more – we recommend sewing under each string. This will ensure correct creasing and the desired result when sewn into the fabric. The exception is the tape with additional pockets for the curtain rod. Here, in order not to sew up the “mustache” (pocket for the curtain rod), we sew only two seams: top – bottom.
  • How to properly attach safety pins? We recommend putting safety pins in two pockets at the same time, at the junction of the overlaps. This will ensure the stability of the obtained wrinkling effect and we will be sure that the folds will not move apart, keeping the desired pattern unchanged.
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